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Call, email or fill out the form below. You can never provide too much information when it comes to media production. Each desired outcome comes with a new set of production or pre-production considerations. Will this be a web-only asset or do you need our top of the line camera? Can this be accomplished in one of our studios or will we need to include location scouting and permitting? Is this just a “talking head video” or will a video shoot need to be acquired and scheduled in the production process? If you don’t know these answers we are happy to schedule a project consultation with you first.


In preparation of your initial project discussion with the CU Productions team here are a few questions to consider:

What is the vision statement of your video? (A One to Two-Sentence Summary of Your Primary Message)

Who is your audience?

What is our anticipated end product?

Are there key messaging points?

Is there a spokesperson in your department or organization that can speak to the expertise of the subject matter?  Would this person be good on-camera?

Are there others that would make good subject matter experts or someone with extended insight that may be an interesting person to interview on-camera?

If we need to research your subject are there documents or websites available?

Are there any existing video examples you like?

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